Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Race and Social Media

Have you ever noticed that the majority of social media trainings you attend (let's get real: all trainings in general) gloss over how race impacts the game? Considering how demographic shifts - particularly around race - are up there with generational and technology shifts when it comes to impending gamechangers for the nonprofit sector, it's time to get smart about race and social media. The first step is ceasing to quote outdated information about the minority majority being late adopters to social media.

Recent surveys show that young blacks and latinos spend more time on their phones each day than their white counterparts. As this piece about "To Be Young, Digital, and Black" points out, the narrative about the digital divide got undue airtime and allowed people to not closely look at actual trends in usage.

Here are a few places to start when you are thinking about social media and race.

Black Web 2.0

Latinos in Social Media

Use of Technology by Urban Youth

To Be Young, Digital and Black

It's good to be young, digital and black. And that's a fact!

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